Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need previous experience in the garage door industry?

No, our franchise owners consist of men and women who come from many walks of life. Most of our successful franchise owners had no previous garage door experience. Through the extensive support and training provided, they are now leaders in the garage door industry.

What type of person is best suited for a Precision Door franchise?

A background in business is helpful. Precision Door has developed a successful business model but each franchisee needs to adapt their franchise to local market conditions. While Precision Door provides extensive training and support, the franchisor relies on the franchisee to bring fundamental business skills.

Do I have to be mechanically inclined or good with tools?

No. Mechanical experience is a plus but not required. We will train you in the mechanical aspects of the business.

How is Precision Door doing in this down economy?

Precision Door is focused on serving existing homeowners, not builders. While we feel the pain of homeowners, keeping the garage door functioning properly is not generally considered a discretionary expense. Most homeowners use their garage door more than they use their front door, so keeping the garage door functioning properly is a high priority for most homeowners.

What is the financial potential for a Precision Door franchise?

Our franchises range from small markets where the franchisees manage the daily operations up to larger markets where there is a full management team in place. There are many variables; market size, local competition, the economy, franchisee business experience, franchisee goals, franchisee risk tolerance, franchisee investment, franchisee involvement, etc. You will notice that most of the variables began with the word "Franchisee" because the franchisee is the biggest determiner of the outcome.

Can I speak with other franchisees prior to making my decision?

Certainly, we encourage you to talk with our franchisees. Our franchisees are our best salespersons. They can talk more freely than we can due to their different role.

Can I operate my Precision Door Service Franchise from my home?

Experience has taught us that an industrial building provides the greatest opportunity for success. Home based businesses would be acceptable in certain smaller markets until your business reaches a certain level of growth that makes an outside-the-home location more feasible.

How much support does the franchisor offer?

It is our job to give you the tools to succeed but we cannot guarantee your success. As with any business, ultimately your success is mostly up to you.

Do I have to buy my equipment and supplies from you?

We have negotiated favorable terms and discounts on products that meet our stringent specifications. You are encouraged to purchase from Approved Suppliers and Preferred Vendors as it benefits everyone.


In Jan 2010 I renewed my franchise agreement with Precision Door. This was a very easy decision because we have grown every year since we opened in 2000. I am especially pleased with the corporate decision to invest in the website optimization. It has made a significant increase in free calls from the web. This has proven to have great value to us.
Doug Bencsko - Montville, NJ, Westchester, NY & Fairfield, CT